The History of Sports Hats

A hat is the simplest garment that is worn on the head, whether it is used for protection from the sun, cold or weather. Hats have gone a long way throughout history, it is even used as an ornament and which also denotes social status and is worn for artistic reason.

The sports hat today is more than just a piece of apparel but it has also become a fashion item, branding and a symbol of how sports have become of our everyday life which most of us do not even notice. Each and everyone of us owns at least one sport hat and most of us might be wearing one now. But how and where did the sports hat originate and how long has it been around?  You may read further about sports hats at .

Although there has been disputes on who were the first team to use sport hat, but in one of the article written for MLB or Major League Baseball, it was the Brooklyn Excelsior who first used the sports hat in 1860. The team were pictured and that one of its member were holding a hat on his side. The cap was best for shielding the player's eyes from the sun while the material used was able to absorb sweat away from the player's eyes and face. It was then known as the Brooklyn style hat, later on other teams started wearing the hat as well and up until today, professional baseball player still wears the brimmed caps. The first team to plaster their logo on the front of their cap is the Detroit Tigers and in 1912 a photo was taken on the New York Yankees and a hat that they were wearing resembles that sports hat today. Click here for hats !

Today, the most popular style of hat that is available in the market is from the New York Yankees and over a million units are being sold each year outselling other teams. The sports hat are currently enjoying the its popularity which is estimated to be 40 million hats are being sold each year in the United States alone and few of those hats have anything to do with sports. One of the biggest manufacturers of hats is the New Era which manufactures 72,000 hats each week. By manufacturing hats that are being form-fitted, flat brims, mesh backs, snapbacks and even adjustable straps is a billion dollar industry. From your baby brother or sister to your favorite music artists and even the president of the United States wears sports hat and out of all sports apparel, nfl hats are the most popular.